Gabe Newell

Someone model Gabe Newell

Dident someone reskin the boomer once to look like him? Might not work in gmod but…its on fps banana last I saw…

it was a cs skin and a boomer but they both sucked. Very low res.

Looks good to me.

it still aint the original gabe. by that i mean only gabe not a boomer.

I like how you didn´t say please

They look the same to me.

what i mean is that only gabe, not a boomer gabe.

But Gabe IS a boomer.

you do make a point there.

Are they twins?

its looks like gabe newell be in l4d as boomer !

I don’t know a single thing you’ve just said.


I remember seeing Gabe Newell models long ago on


low res.