Gabe's Greasy Asscrack v2

^Download Page^

This is a simple fighting map I made. Nothing special. Screenshots and details on the download page.

EDIT: Larger variant:

EDIT: Smaller variant:

Look’s good, the title of the thread is deceiving though… I really thought you had mapped a Greasy Asscrack :eek:

Hehe, the truth is, this map takes place in Gabe Newell’s asscrack.
How is this possible, you ask? Look at the good man. Surely a long field with various ancient concrete spires and complexes where epic battles rage on would fit in an asscrack that size?

:hehe: hehe


Anyways it’s a good map you have there, downloading.


Haha, thats what I thought. :v:
It took a few minutes to persuade myself to dare click the link.

Needless to say, I was relieved.

great name, lmao.

However, I havent been active with GMOD in about one year. Since when do you need to log in on using your steam account details? this seems really weird, can we trust this?


Looks epic, but could use a little more color then just grey and green.

It took me a few seconds :ohdear:

I’m tempted to actually map what’s described in the title for the sake of the community.

Wow, the architecture looks superb. Though might I suggest putting together some custom stone textures instead? Would make it look a lot nicer than the current concrete stuff.

Maybe, but I settled on concrete because the architecture is sort of my own spin on brutalism :slight_smile:

EDIT: I uploaded a larger variant.

I’m torn between saying “Yes, nice idea”, and “No, thats a horrible thing to do.” :ninja:

Mapping Competition: Gabe’s Greasy Asscrack

its actually a good map for npc battles but i have a question:does this map remind anyone of halo combat evolved?

Forerunner architecture was one inspiration for this map, yes, although I drew most examples from brutalism.

sweet i’d like to see more versions of this like with more buildings or deathtraps

More buildings, eh?

Did you check out the expanded edition yet? :smiley:
Link’s in the OP.

I was also thinking of making a flooded variant for no reason, as well as a scaled-down ‘‘lite’’ variant for close-range combat with the same general layout. Any other ideas for possible variants?

i did play on the expanded edition but i mean more buildings like a giant ass building in the middle or at the far side of the map

also maybe an post apocalypse version where some of the buildings are damaged and the sky is a dark red would be cool