is bluejestvenno


don’t do LSD again k?

Shit. Not funny and not artistic.
If Faraon will rate me dumb then he’s gay :3

I really accept you as good editer with nice color and optimistic, but your habit as I see…is bad.

If he rates Disagree he’s even more gay.

Says the man who’s 20€ richer since yesterday night.

I take it just saw Rosie O’Donnells vagina.

funny guy


Exactly my first thought! Except the Boomer doesn’t vomit that much.

I think Faraon’s ready to say goodbye.

I’ve never laughed so hard yet been so disgusted at the same time.

Sniper took some Ipecac.

The only optimistic visibly shown by him is himself portraying a role of not caring.

Being myself, ignoring a few of his threads due to the excessive overload of bloom and and repetitive same
color issues with the over saturated, bright colored large quantities. Wishing it can all fit into a harmony of
enjoyment for the eyes with plastered on puke that makes me think of great use for brushes.
But all together it makes one really boring plain Team-Fortress 2 pose.

Eh, I guess that’s facepunch, you’re not the only person doing this.

You are not a king of Optimism anymore, bubz. You should reconcile to it.


Looks like you filter raped it then added a bunch of shit.

that’s what this picture is: shit.

not vomit, but shit.

like shit from your asshole after you ate something

i once ate something then i shat that something out a couple hours later

coincidentally, it looked like a filter. perhaps comparing your picture to shit isn’t the best criticism, but it does remind me of diarrhea shit.

i don’t remember having diarrhea coming out of my mouth and having the target not being covered in my diarrhea shit

i once had diarrhea and it was like shitting, but it was more faster. just like what you did to this picture, you made it so fast, the vomit is actually diarrhea shit.

that’s all i have to say about your shitty vomit edit