Gaining more experience in Lua

So, I’m at a stump, I want to do like Lua exercises for Garry’s Mod, I just have no motivation to learn more etc, I don’t believe I am good enough to work for a community, even if I’m not getting paid anything. And I don’t have any ideas for a gamemode…

Anyone know what I should do? I want to practice making small scripts, for DarkRP or TTT or anything really,
Anyone know any exercises? Like a project eula for Garry’s Mod?
I mainly want to improve my Lua knowledge by getting hands on in Lua code but I don’t want to be pressured by a community, since I’m at a novice level.

Study the old and new Garry’s Mod wiki like they’re your exams.
Keep practicing the tutorials, recode things you already made, browse the workshop and other servers to give you ideas of what to code.
Also trying to code for a community is a bad way to start, it can become very overwhelming if you’re a novice.

Just keep practicing man, that’s all you can really do, there is no quick way to become skilled with lua. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your comment, it means alot :slight_smile:
I’ll go through the wiki’s, code alot, and I hear updating old addons is a good way to learn some things

Updating old addons is a very good way to get used to problem solving/fixing errors.

Perhaps you could check out the Workshop for inspiration. If you’re interested in something check out their source code and try to replicate it.

Just as Winter said, look for something that you like, but think could be better. Then, just work on it and make it better. Don’t share it with anyone while working on it (you’ll feel like you accomplished something without finishing it, and won’t feel motivated) and once it’s done, feel free to release it and get that praise. It’ll keep you going to do more things.

Make clientside scripts, they give you a motivation boost because you can actually use them on almost any DarkRP server.
Basically you use them to make tedious tasks easier. (i.e. making a bhop script, a namechange script, something like smartsnap)

But every server I go on has blocked sv_allowcslua?

Yes because clientside scripts can give you an unfair advantage in a game and server owners disable it so that nobody “cheats”

Yeah, so making client side scripts that I can’t use doesn’t give that much motivation

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Does anyone know any addons that need updating at a beginner to intermediate level?

Not all servers have lua disabled, the point isn’t finding a server to use it on, but to test the script is working.

Look up simple sweps and gamemodes on the old gmod addons site.
Good ones include simple deathmatches and swep packs.

My method of learning was looking into how popular gamemodes work, then replicate their features. If I would have to suggest where to read them, I would say the github for TTT (which you can find on the garrysmod github), DarkRP github, and the NutScript github, they all have really good examples that you can learn from. For example, I recently made my own door system as sorts after looking through how Falco & Chessnut did it. They’re very good to learn from, and have given me inspiration to release, not my first gamemode, but the first that I’m proud to call my own, when I finish it (oh and just for clarity, its not a roleplay gamemode)

Thanks for all the help guys, I have went alright so far, I updated this addon:

The only thing I am stuck with is that all the lines of code that do :Play() and :Stop() get errors :confused: so I have just commented it out till I work out how to fix it :/, other then that no errors :smiley: I would say that’s a success

Take a look at this :wink:

May not be the correct thing to use. Just look around the wiki.

This thread might have some resources that will assist you: