Galactic Sagas [Official Gamemode Thread]

Galactic Sagas is a completely custom and extremely ambitious Garry’s Mod online roleplaying game set across multiple servers. It features a dynamic profession system, incredibly deep character customization, missions, attributes, thousands of items, crafting, housing, and much more. It is a dynamic, living, breathing Star Wars world comparable to Star Wars Galaxies circa 2003 in gameplay. The gamemode was originally started in 2010, at which point official servers went up, and since then it has garnered the attention and love of thousands of Garry’s Mod players. For better or worse, it is unlike anything else available in Garry’s Mod. RP is always welcomed, but it is by far not strictly an RP server, as there are so many other things to do.

Over 25 unique professions to mix and match to build your character.
Earn experience through your actions and build your character into exactly what you want them to be. From a gun-slinging Smuggler that slices armor and weapons for buyers, an Imperial Doctor who keeps their squadmates alive in combat, to a galaxy renowned Chef who creates culinary masterpieces that buff the attributes of those who eat them. Craft everything from vehicles to furniture to weapons and armor. Become a Creature Handler and tame dangerous beasts around the galaxy and then train them. There’s a virtually unlimited number of combinations. Play how you want. Do what you want. There is without a doubt something for everyone.

**In-Depth Combat System
**Based on SWG, instead of purely Health, all players and NPCs have 3 ‘health-like’ pools. Health, Action, and Mind, or H.A.M. for short. If any of these three pools drop to zero, you die. In combination with the abilities system, this provides a lot of cool opportunities for the use of strategy during combat. Apart from that, combat follows the standard MMO-style approach, where you target an enemy to attack it. The controls are what you would expect from an MMO, with tab targeting, etc. Different weapon types have different bonuses and effective ranges, which are improved through specialized skills and professions. Other factors such as height difference, velocity, and range all figure in to combat, making it incredibly deep while still being easy to get the hang of. Additionally, there are hundreds of unique combat and non-combat abilities available to various professions, allowing you to play at just about any combat style you can think of. Add to that buffs and debuffs, and you have a combat experience far different from standard GMOD gamemodes/servers.

**An extensive and in-depth crafting system and meta-game.
**Crafting in Galactic Sagas allows players to assemble, experiment on, and even add sockets to weapons, foods, stimpacks, armor, clothing, and much more! There are hundreds of schematics to learn and use, and every single item is unique and has its own attributes, many of which are determined based on a player’s skill and a little bit of luck.

**A Deep Item System.
**A literally infinite amount of unique items, both crafted by players, looted from enemies, and rewarded from missions and events. Items can be manipulated, customized, repaired, and improved by players.

Factional Combat / Galactic Civil War.
Join up with the Rebellion or the Empire and work together to defeat the enemy and take control of different cities and zones with the Galactic Civil War system. Fight enemy faction players and NPC’s, earning recognition and promotions along the way. Spend your faction points at special vendors to earn unique faction-specific unlocks and items. Players who don’t wish to partake can also remain neutral.

Quests and Missions
There are dozens of hand-placed and well-thought-out quests in the game for players to embark on, which will have you running around all over the galaxy. Additionally, Mission Terminals can be found in many zones, which generate dynamic and scaled missions for your character to embark on and train with. Group up with other players to be able to embark on even higher level missions, with accompanying higher level payouts!

**Fight against authentic Star Wars foes including battle droids, tusken raiders, feral wookiees, and dozens of other creatures.
**The AI system is completely custom and uses the NextBot base, allowing for smarter and more interactive NPC’s than ever before.

Persistent player-owned housing, complete with furniture crafting, customization, and placement.
Players can purchase homes all across the galaxy, and decorate them to their liking using furniture created by other players, or placing their other items in them. A highly user-friendly set of controls allow nearly complete freedom in how you choose to decorate your abode.

Team up with your friends with the Squad system, allowing you to coordinate your combat, mission, and even musical efforts.
Work together and share the reward! Teaming up with players in-game allows you to easily coordinate through special targeting and the use of group chat. Additionally, groups can use their combined power to take on higher paying missions from mission terminals, or, in the case of entertainers, make their own band and play sync’ed music together! Speaking of which…
Player Music System**
This really falls under the “25 unique professions” category, but the player music system in Galactic Sagas is a gem that often gets overlooked. Players of the Entertainer profession can play custom music with a variety of instruments, where YOU have control of the musical flourishes you perform in the songs. And if you have several entertainers, you can group together to play music in-sync for your audience. Players can listen to entertainers to gain temporary bonuses to their attributes.

In-Game Cutscenes
Feel immersed in the universe through in-game cutscenes. Not really a lot to say about this, other than that.

Massive Galaxy Spanning (currently) 4 linked servers
Travel across many zones and planets along your journeys, including Tatooine, Naboo, and Kashyyyk, each complete with their own storylines, missions, events, and enemies, and all of them linked through an in-game shuttle system ensuring you never have to server-hop through the browser. Your character transfers seamlessly between each zone.

A robust player economy.
99% of the items, weapons, and armor you’ll be using are made from player crafters, with a truly player-managed economy through the Galactic Bazaar. From the vehicles you drive, the armor you wear, to the food you eat before combat to buff your stats, to the medical items you use to keep yourself alive… they’re all made by players. Sell your items on the Galactic Bazaar and earn money even while you’re offline!
Resource Gathering System**
Crafters can survey planets for various resources (which dynamically spawn and de-spawn across all zones every few hours) and dig them out of the ground by hand, or with the use of player-built Mineral Extractor structures that can be placed to mine materials even while you’re offline. Use these resources to craft your own wares, or sell them to other players to make a profit on the bazaar!

Galactic Sagas is set shortly following the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. While the Clone Wars are officially over, renegade groups from both sides are still engaged in conflicts. A small Rebellion is attempting to form their roots to overthrow the new Empire, as tensions and suspicions rise over the new dictatorship. With the Galaxy in the middle of crisis, how will you make your mark on it? Your actions have a direct impact on the worlds you visit and their inhabitants.

Because of the more MMORPG / structured style of the game, the community is actually several steps above the average GMOD server. New players that take the time to read the extremely informative Help menu won’t have any trouble getting answers to questions, or assistance in game. Additionally, there are no Moderators or Admins on the servers, as they just aren’t needed. It’s a great place to relax, have some fun with friends, or just do your own thing. The Steam Group is the number one source for information on updates, community events, and other news. We recently passed the 550 members mark!

We’re always looking for new players though, as, just as with all unique non-dark-RP gamemodes, custom gamemodes with their own hosted communities have trouble garnering massive amounts of players and becoming mainstream. Since it’s so easy to get started and requires no special outside-of-Garry’s-Mod work to get into the game though, I encourage you guys to check it out and leave a reply with what you think!

All of the content needed for Galactic Sagas is easily downloaded via the Steam Workshop collection! Just favorite the collection and subscribe to all, and the next time you open Garry’s Mod, all of the content will download and update! Alternatively, if you neglect to subscribe to the Workshop before joining, the server will have you download all required addons via the Workshop upon your first attempt to join the server, so either way works!

Workshop Collection:

While I (The Big S) am the sole creator and developer of the Galactic Sagas gamemode, it wouldn’t be **anything **without the help of so many talented mappers, riggers, modelers, and thinkers who I have had the privilege to work with or are currently working with on this. I want to make sure I give credit to everyone for their contributions, so if anyone thinks I’ve missed a name, please let me know!

The Big S - Coding
Ardowalalin - Mapping
LordTrilobite - Mapping
ShotGunGuy - Modeling
NicholasRay - Modeling
Ryan7259 - Modeling
ArcticOne - Modeling
AIR - Particle Effects
Grahf - Content Development
Mandalore - Content Development
Fowah - Content Development

Polkm - (Learned so much about LUA through reverse engineering his stuff)
Slash (Mass Effect models)
Snood (STALKER models)
B4P (Jedi Knight II ports)
Raven Software (Jedi Knight series)
Kev Shiu (STALKER NPC’s)
Chibi (Lightsaber Pack)
Super Nova (HK-47 model)
ILM (Sounds)
SOE (Art)
Disney / Lucas Arts / Film (Star Wars)


This is fucking awesome, can you add me to steam friends?

Thanks, and sure I’ll toss you an invite. :slight_smile:

Beta has been going on all through today and the server/game are very stable, not a single server or client error or crash!

:open_mouth: I love it. Keep up the good work.

Best edit of underdone I’ve seen,

Thanks Polkm means alot to me, and thanks so much again for releasing such a valuable tool to learn from.

Beta News: Well, after being up for over 8 hours, we finally had our first server crash. Good news is that nothing was lost at all, so that was actually a good test in itself.

We’ve found a few bugs so that’s good. We’re also working on getting some additional content pack download mirrors going to fuel the demand. Thanks to everyone who’s helping out and testing.

[11:00 PM EST - Apparently the site couldn’t handle everyone trying to download, and it decided to die. I’ll have multiple mirrors up tomorrow morning, and I apologize for the inconvenience. If anyone that has it feels like mirroring it, that’s awesome.]

I’m pretty sure alot of the icons you used in the script are property of Sony Online Entertainment. Never mind that though, this looks pretty good.

I’ll get you a mirror set up on my website as soon as I can, like I said.

Woops, yes they are - Added them in the credits. Thanks.

Open Beta News:

Server was up when I went to bed and down when I woke up, so I’m not sure when throughout the night it went down. Not to worry though, I now have it on auto-restart so everything is automated now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Awesome :aaa:

Gonna try it out now.


I loved SWG, do it justice.

I’ve played SWG off and on since 2003. Trust me, I shall!

So is this RP-Based or more MMORPG-skill training and gold-mining kind of stuff?

I find it a little tedious to have to spend a few days making friends and waiting for money just to get in a little action.

This is MMORPG based, meaning you can hop right in the game and start progressing in whichever way you want. You can start venturing into the wilderness in search of ore and resources to sample, or stick around in town and play through some questlines, etc. It’s sandbox-style gameplay, and a player driven economy, so you craft your own success however you want.

Very fun. I have been playing in it alot.

I was playing this earlier tonight, and I have to say the star wars theme is really cool, hope you add more skills and weapons and what not :D.

Yeah I saw you guys playing when I was snooping over the rcon for a moment :stuck_out_tongue: - Someone said it was just underdone with different models and some new crappy UI’s – while I’ll admit my UI’s are pretty terribad…well, I hope to prove him/her wrong if I haven’t already.

Anyway, latest Beta News: We had a stress test in the afternoon with a pretty large battle throughout the city streets. Many a Rebel and Imperial lied dead in the sand, but it sure was fun!

I’m working on a patch that will fix all of the remaining bugs we’ve found, and also adds player titles. You can gain titles from completing certain quest chains, learning certain skill boxes, and many other ways (only skill boxes are in the game at the moment). You can then switch between titles via Q -> Character.

I’m digging that third person camera, reminds me a lot of the old JK3 days.