Galactic Sagas [Official Gamemode Thread]

I’m digging that third person camera, reminds me a lot of the old JK3 days.

Oh doesn’t this bring back some good memories. I wish you all the luck!

Thanks - Just looked at that mod, that’s pretty cool. You can definitely see they were a fan of Star Wars Galaxies Emu, even calling their updates “Cores” lol.

I held off on making a forum post like that until I had something for people to get on and play with - I didn’t want to add too much suspense and then never produce a playable game (dont that before, feels like crap for all parties involved).

Wow this looks amazing. the underdone base by far seemed like it made the whole starwars style mmo easier to code.
Good work I hope it doesnt fall apart like my project did.
: ) <3

You should improve the looting system, like it stays onto the corpse where you can then search it for the items besides them flying from the body.

Also, will their be like swords or power weapons, maybe even lightsabers?

Like this?

yeh, with the light sabers. Also there are actually vibro-weapons.

I have a problem though, i can’t talk to like traders and the rebel people. I’ve rejoined and deleted my cache/bin

That’s very interesting Katsu – Haven’t heard of anyone else experiencing the problem…could it be some kind of conflicting addon do you think?

Also - Already have lightsabers in the game, and they make correct sounds etc. They just aren’t usable by players, because I want to eventually make Jedi a rare and special “class” at some point later on.


Here’s the latest WIP for the Travel Menu. Note that the travel menu has been tested to already work, and all of those icons act as “buttons” to click in order to travel. Also note this is a rough WIP and doesn’t reflect the quality of finished material:


Looks very VERY promising. :smiley:


I second this make jedi attainable some what like they are in the emu or pre-cu SWG.
If you make it a selectable profession and such thats all people are gonna be.
Also making new models for lightsabers might be a good idea the current ones out as far as I know look like total crap.
Just my 2 cents.

I would like to see a system where Melee fighting works, with Force powers that aren’t just weapons you have to select, but it looks like with your GUI you wont have to.

So when two Force Sensitives (like Jedi or Sith) can battle it’s a fluent and interesting battle without having to fumble around with commands and junk.

Or a system where, a Force Sensitive can only be trained by an Adept Force User through RP and stuff, which could take days, even weeks in the roleplay. Developing Rp Skills and stuff.

Eventually I would definitely like to get abilities in-game, and that opens up the possibility for force powers (and other abilities) that you could just drag onto your toolbar for hotkeying. To be honest, I’m not planning on doing work on Jedi any time soon, there’s just so much other stuff I want to get in first. But yes, the plan is to make Jedi secretly attainable through alot of work and a bit of luck.

Naboo is basically done, when are we gunna get it up and running on a server :D? Also, Tatooine has been redone a tiny bit you may want to update the server with the new map. I’ll send it to you when I get home, i’m at school right now.

You are the man Ard! Can’t wait to get Naboo up and running, as well as Tatooine :smiley: I’ve been working on this Star Destroyer instance and I’d say I’m about 60% finished with it. Going to be a big patch!

So you got it ready for tomorrow???

Shouldn’t matter people need to realize starwars isn’t just all about OMFGIGOTLIGHZSABORZIHACKZANDUSEFORCEPOWERZNAOW!

It’ll be close - I’m working really hard on it, and I think I should have the new drop tables done by tonight, which will basically finish it up. It won’t be amazing, and there will probably need to be alot of tweaking to it in the patches afterwards, but it should be playable!

I completely agree with you there - I think for the most part though, 99% of the people that come on to Star Wars: Sagas and play don’t mind the fact that there aren’t jedi around, and don’t even ask about it…which is kind of a refreshing feeling :slight_smile:

This looks amazingly good. Feels very Star Lulzy, except for Tali, What the hell was that, haha.

I will join the server now.

The First Content Pack Upgrade has arrived! Simply download this, and extract it to Addons - If it asks you if you want to overwrite files, just click Yes for all. Until I can find a better way of distributing content such as maps, we’re having to resort to these - Hopefully, they will not be too often as to get annoying. For new players, I will be getting an updated all-in-one content pack link sometime tonight hopefully.