Galactic Universe (Final Thread)

** Welcome to Galactic Universe **

Hello Everyone, I currently have a plan, to get a team to make a game mode.

The Game mode is flying about in space, mining, getting money, killing, doing missions, leveling up skills.
Relatively like EVE Online, accept its a game mode.
My requirements are

  • 2+ Coders

  • 1 or 2+ Modelers

  • 1+ Material - er/s

  • 1 or 2+ Mapper/s

My Idea’s for Skills are:

  • Mining ( The Higher the mining level, the better miners you can get )

  • Fighting ( The Higher the fighting level, you get access to more weapons )

  • Building ( The Higher the building level, the more variety of ships you can build )

  • Learning ( The Higher the learning level, the faster you learn skills )

  • Drones ( The Higher the drones level, the more drones you can have out at a time )

  • Freighting ( The Higher the freighting level, the more cargo hold you can get )

  • Engineering ( The Higher the engineering level, the more variety of weapons, and miners you can build )

  • Corporation Management ( The Higher the corp. mng. level, you get more access to corp access-abilities )

  • Electronics ( The Higher the electronics level, the more electronics you can access )

  • Trade ( The higher the trading level, the more money you can make trading )

  • Spaceship Command ( The higher spaceship command level, the more ships you can access )

  • Overall level ( Compiled of all levels, the higher, the more attributes you could use )

My idea’s for Attribute’s are:

  • Memory

  • Intelligence

  • Perception

  • Willpower

  • Charisma

( As Seen on EVE )

My idea’s for NPC’s are:

  • Pirates

  • Concords

  • Traders

My idea’s for the Station will be:

  • Shop

  • Hangar

  • Corporation Management

  • Refinement

My ideas for minerals will be:

  • Velzdar

  • Sporkite

  • Halard

  • Podact

  • Junlad

(Yes, these are not real words, and These are just a few i threw together)

** if you would like to participate in the project add me:**

I thought about something like this awhile back using a bunch of servers. They we’re going to be coordinated by a master server program I was going to write and communicate with the slaves in sockets. But alas I got busy and never got around to doing it.

Would you want to participate in making this gamemode? We could bring this up if we ever get a full team.

I am at a loss of worlds.

What are your skills as a leader? People will want to know this. If you aren’t going to be supplying a big portion of actual content (code,maps,models), nobody will take you seriously, and I guarantee nobody worthwhile will join your team. Remember, being the idea man gives you no credibility.

I’m going to mapping mainly, and maybe a little coding.


and just a question, why is everyones avatar david hasslehoff?

lol sunrise a new era 1.01

OK mate here is the deal.

I appreciate you have an idea and want to see it through, but there are two major problems:

Firstly, ripping off EVE Online is not a good thing.

Secondly, There is already a mod very much like this called Sunrise, which has been in development for years and years.

It’s one of those cases where you’d be trying to make what is already made. Sorry but thats something most people wont want to get involved in.

i know about sunrise, i have a version of it on my computer. i was wanting to make something of my own other than sunrise.

That is fair but like I said, you are making a game mode people have not only tried, but got well and truly bored of (in most cases) years ago.

I’m not gonna stop you trying, but you will most likely struggle to succeed simply due to this.

So you’re the idea guy. You want people to work for you while you take credit? That doesn’t work out well ever.

i wasnt asking about opinions on my idea, i was asking if anyone would like to participate.

jagger fuck off.


Jagger, i think your dyslectic, did you not read that i map, and do a bit of coding?

when you post something, you will get opinions. you can’t expect people to say “Oh this is great, we want to join you!”


This isn’t YOUR idea. this is the idea of a company called CCP, they made a game called EVE Online

i wasnt asking for anyone to praise me, just don’t be an ass just because i want to create something similar to what you have.


i didnt fucking say i made the idea of it, i said i have an idea to make a gamemode relatively like eve.
jagger, just leave, your annoying me alot.

09er fight… how quaint

it’s already been done and people got bored of it. It’s like you saying “I want to make a gamemode where you are a watermelon and you race.”


accepted, btw.

i think the only reason you are drawn to this thread is because its similar to your gamemode. i wouldnt be trying to assemble one like it, i have asked you before if i could simply host your gamemode, you said no, its just being greedy, im not saying that all of your work is for nothing for saying that, its just that if i would ever get this successful, i would release it to the public, so they could fool around with it. if its gotten boring then why are you hosting it?

I’m not hosting ti, someone else is.

Yeah, but it was you who decided to continue it.

I have read most of your comments and pretty much this is just dumb of you to be putting him down from working on it. saying that sunrise is YOURS, which isnt your mod and yet you claim it as yourself like a selfish prick. He isn’t going to claim it for himself. hes going to be giving credit to the original author. the only reason you are flaming him is because you don’t want your precious mod to go downhill. well guess what. it fucking has. everyone obviously hates you and you just keep your mod all to yourself. if I were you, I would fucking shut up and let him work in it. instead, you just having to flame him like a fucking asshole. in simple terms.

Piss Off!