Galactic Universe Gamemode (please read)

Hello, I would love for people to paricipate in this.

I’m making a gamemode that is like EVE, yes i know there is something like it called sunrise, nobody wants to help me fix the released version, so I’m going to make one, yes i know its going to be hard, and i need people to assemble a team for this. What i need are at least 2 coders, 2 material/modeler, and maybe a fellow mapper, as i am one myself. I need a lot of help on this, so if you’re interested please follow on in,
add me if interested raven_119.

so to my questions i have, i need it so its 3rd person and its spaceship like movement around, and i need it so it aims where you aim, i have 1 model for testing, its themaw’s titan model so I’m giving him credit for that.
i need a good HUD so if you’re good then by all means join.

many thanks,

p.s. this doesn’t have to be the official gamemode name.


To all mods, please close my thread “Player Movement”

Stop signing your posts.

Nobody takes you seriously with bad grammar, short undescriptive post.
You’re sort of saying it’s just EVE, nothing else.

I’m not sure if there’s actually an idea here or not. Asking for a bunch of help when you have almost nothing outlined is widely regarded as a Bad Idea™

My point is, i want to assemble a team, to make a Game mode that is like EVE.

I Need Coders, Material/Modelers, and Maybe a Mapper.

I Didn’t post this so people would say that i have bad grammar, and bad idea’s. I’m putting and opportunity to make a game mode similar to EVE, or Sunrise. Because they seem to not make it public. If this gets live Ever, i would release it to the public. You guys really don’t need to post if you’re just going to put out negativity. I’m Just trying to make a fun game mode for the community. I Think this is outlined enough, that i need a team to make this happen, and im not working slaves here, im just trying to set up a good working game mode.

I’m not trying to flame you, but this does appear to be all you’ve got. Specifics, something written, and something legible would be fantastic, but there’s no reason for anyone to do anything for you without any clear goal as to what you want.

Get a story or something, Fix your Grammar, make a neat presentation.
Then you might stand a chance.

Okay, so i will repost with better explanation. any mods pass by, please close thread.