GalaxyOfGaming Servers ( ZombieSurvival, SocietyRP)

Hello ll, i am Kruel Kramer. i am the Co-Owner of GalaxyOfgaming, or GoG. im here to tell you all about our servers, in hopes to get it more popular.
At the moment, we own Four servers.
Server #1 is a Custom Coded ZombieSurvival Server
Server #2 is a Created-From-Scratch RP gamemode.
Server #3 is a Vanilla TF2 CP/pl
Server #4 is a 24/7 OrangeX TF2

And your probably thinking, ‘Yeah yeah, just another ZS. probably cheap as hell and ran by 12 year olds’
Lucky for you, that is not the case. Our server is MUCH MUCH different from most ZS servers. We run on DAMAGE instead of KILLS. what this means is that Kill Stealing is no longer an issue. Players get Rewards depending on how much damage they have caused to the opposing team. There is also a number indicator showing how much damage you have dealt with your weapon Upon firing and hitting the Zombies, this can be seen in later screenshots.
Here you can see the damage system:

Among other servers, we also have a good surplus of new weapons for players to use, mostly melee weapons, which actually do some damage (vs other servers)
The new melee weapons are included, but not limited to:

We are also proud to announce the Debut of the R.Y.N.O Minigun, for use by Humans if you are fortunate enough to get 12,000 Damage points onto the undead.

here are some more in-game screenshots:
Damage Notice System Screenie:

Our Servers also have ** ENTIRELY FIXED ANIMATIONS!**
but on to more Community related things for ZS. As the Community of GoG, we are ALL for good, clean fun. our servers are monitored almost 24/7 and kept as a good gaming environment. hackers are dealt with quickly, same for troublemakers. our admins are nice, and do not abuse their powers. if they should be caught abusing their powers, they will be removed from administration.

AS for our Custom Made Roleplay, Here is an Overview by the Creator (Kunit)

We’re nearing Closed Alpha!

Corruption, Hate, and Idiocy, all of which are shared traits that the vast majority of Garry’s mod servers have. The development of this gamemode has been encouraged and carried on by the drive for a better roleplaying experience. I’ve been around the Garry’s Mod community for a couple of years now and I’ve played on many different servers, both good and bad experiences have been had. Roleplaying has been a passion of mine since I was a child, my imagination runs rampant at times. I’m very proud of my work and I hope to cause some sort renaissance era within the Garry’s Mod Community. My name is Kunit and I am glad to present, Society.

There are but just a few of the development screen-shots, more will be added over time and all of which are subject to change.
The floods, they are coming!(Weather)


“Reap what you sew” my ass, I HAVE MELONS!(Farming)

T-H-U-G LIFE!(Job System)

Hotwheels go vroom!(Vehicle Dealership / Claiming)

This is a robbery, gimme your wallet!(The Shop)

I want more crackers in my soup!(Karma/Custom Notification System)

Check this lead!(Custom Weapon Base / Vehicle Ownership)

I have a huge sack!(Temporary Inventory)

These hands… (Crafting Menu)

I’m safe in here now! Oh shit, is that a lockpick I hear?!(Door Ownership)

THE LAMP! IT’S ALIVE!(Furniture!)

Those were some Features of the gamemode. The Alpha is being hosted on our 20-slot Passworded server, and is ONLY open to GoG Members in the Closed Alpha! So sign up with us now, and Be in with the fun!
Discussion Thread:

Thanks for reading, Come visit us on the Server(s)!
Zombie Survival:****
Society RP (GoG only. Join Today!)
Vanilla TF2:
24/7 OrangeX:
Remember, GoG members get Access to the RP server!!
Also, Come Visit us on the Website!

And on the Steam Group Page:


Looks decent, the advert I mean. I have no idea how the players act because of this alpha shit. If people are able to keep stuff after the alpha/beta’s that would be dumb so I hope you dont do that.

First off, I would like to thank you for your opinion.

However, when beta is announced all accounts will be reset and those that have helped test will receive a small reward for their time and effort. We have had many fun times in the alpha server, we are able to control it more effectively with a reduced risk of drama when we only allow those we trust within the server.

This made me lol. you are very right in all of those =p
what i mean is, anybody who trys to start up a ZS nowadays is full of twelve year olds. i could list three right now if i had rememberes their names.

Using my old weather mod ahah…

Till I get off my ass and code a new one from scratch.

Well the inventory seems nice, what method of storage are you using.