[GaM] Server - Oxide/Grouping/PVP/Sleepers/Economy/Chat History/Expanded Loot Tables/Lowered Decay


Welcome to GaM’s server. The atmosphere is pretty good here. The loot tables have been expanded to include more drops than the base game including every type of blueprint you can think of. Drop by and see if you enjoy it.

Server Info:

Slots: 50
PVP: Yes, but currently not a lot
Sleepers: Normal
Crafting: Normal Times (No Explosives or C4)
Decay Rate: 1/2 Normal
Admins: Semi Active for helping with issues, no admin controls given to players

Oxide Mods:

Chat History
Loot Tables (Lists for drops have been expanded to include some rare blueprints and missing items)
Teleport 3/login (/tpa /tpaccept)
Economy (price/buy and sell)