Gambling system in TTT

Only two players alive, Dead players and spectators are able to use gamble system (gambling their points In pointshop points)
If selected player win , the win player gets some of gambling money and the player who gambled to the win player gets money too.

Iam afraid I am not sure if i can make it with my Lua script skills.So i post to the Requests section.

What would the money be used for though? If anything, if you win, you should be able to get 1 bonus credit the next time you’re a detective or traitor (whichever comes first is the bonus credit. It’d be unfair if you had to choose which one you’d want it to be)

(gambling their points In pointshop points)

They gamble Their Points(Points shop).

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Wait. Are you living in North korea ?

just kidding

Yes I am.


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There is okay upper area? lol

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I could POSSIBLY do this for you but first I and everyone else needs some details.

How you would gamble, EX: !betwinner cyw960517 10 --Bets 10 points on you winning.

How much the winning player recieves, EX: I bet 10 points on you, you win, I recieve 10 points and you recieve 5 points. (50%)

Exactly, Yes. i need to have a talk with you on Steam ASAP. :smiley:

Okay I’ll start on this and see how far I can get with it. Don’t count on me so if anyone else is reading and can make this quick don’t hesitate, I’ll still try to make it for my sake.


Anyone? I will pay for this stuff

Anyone? I will pay for this stuff

How much?

He doesn’t realize I already offered to make him this for no price other than his patience…