Game Balancing

Even the devblog suggested that this update might be the end for solo players. So here are some balances which
I think should be implemented for the game to be more fun.

**Naked should be faster. **
In the current game a naked cannot outrun a man with full armor weapons and a rocket launcher.
This is hardly realistic. A naked should be a little faster then a person wearing heavy armor.
In fact adding weight to equipment might make people consider their outfit choices. Do you go for slow and heavy
or do you go for faster and lighter. Also running shoes might be added to make things more interesting.

Hit a tree withing 50m of a geared person and you will be dead before you gather a hundred wood.
Yes you cant even gather enough wood for a piece of paper let alone a spear to defend yourself when you
are unfortunately in the higher populated areas of the game. Gathering should make less sound.
Or at least with a rock. You should be able to collect more silently even at the cost of a slower gather rate.
Ie Make basic tools more silent. And maybe make the salved picks and axes more silent to compensate their cost
and slow gather rate.

Helping people up
This is totaly op and unrealistic. Helping people up should at least cost a syringe (equipped) or a special revive item.
And it should take 5-10 seconds.

Global respawn timer
People even killed after being wounded can re spawn, comeback and equip everything as long as they are in a big group.
After death you should at least have to wait 15 sec to re spawn. and the sleeping bag times should be global.
not only for the specific sleeping bag. this will also prevent people from killing them selves repeatedly for the animal fat.

Tell me witch suggestions you like and why so that we might actually have them implemented.

I like where your going with these suggestions and would like to add,

a. Re weight effecting player speed, just make it for armour, weapons and tools i.e not resources
b. Double the pick up resources value to help silent resourcing

Global Respawn Timer should just be for sleeping bags 2 min.

You should be able to respawn on the beach with a rock whenever.

**Naked should be faster. **

no, i feel currently it is fine

Helping people up
YES, it is beyond annoying downing the same person 3 times because they’re in a group and invincible for a second or two while they’re going down

Global respawn timer
I’m on the fence with this one.

Personally they should just bring back the bed system where you can respawn from the bed but the bags will have AOE cool down

As for killing yourself for animal fat, its hard enough to find animals right now and pretty annoying. The only ones that drops a decent amount of fat are pigs/bears and they’re rare.

I agree with all of those suggestions.

I definitely dislike the “Last Stand” bullshit…especially when you take into account the fact that they’re invincible when getting downed and picked up, and the fact that sometimes you can shoot a downed player 10 times and they’ll just tank it with their 5 health.

This should be suggested as a server style not actual changes. Many of times I wish there was a more realistic rust. But on its own server style. I currently like the rust that is now, I do feel that if you go to pick someone up, you should have to use a bandage to do so.

I would like to see that sleeping bags can’t be placed within a certain area of another sleeping bag. Not a huge span of distance of course, but I would like to see more resources being spent on making bigger bases that way home owners have to have multiple sleeping rooms and raiders have to have more than 1 raid base.

One thing I don’t like about the current stealth, is that your are undetectable crouched unless you go through some foliage. And the ability to go prone is always a PRO in any FPS game i play.

Tweet on rust updates:

being downed twice in 60 seconds results in death instead of another wounding phase - @helkus (/main)

well Im glad they did something about the wounded helping. Hope they keep it up.