Game ban appeal

Hello, I am messaging to request some information on a game ban I received this morning on rust. I went to load rust and was shown a message that I was game banned. I have been playing on facepunch small and have a pretty consistent team that jumps around servers with a lot of hours. I dont understand why the ban occured and was hoping to get some insight or possibly an appeal as to what is going on. After looking over the internet I was able to find information over an EAC appeal but it doesnt seem like my account was EAC banned but banned by a mod of a server. If someone could please reach back out to me, I would really appreciate that

Steam ID: 76561198823670991

If your just banned by a server your fine to play other servers just not that one.

I was playing on facepunch 3 and this seems to be a game ban not a server ban. I am not able to get into any server. Just trying to figure out what happened and what I can do to dispute it.

This was most likely an EAC ban by the anti cheat. Assuming you weren’t running any external programs to gain an advantage you are innocent and should make an appeal ticket at Easy Anti Cheat website.

I went ahead and send off a request to the EAC support and lets see what they say but I was hoping to get confirmation from facepunch if its something I should appeal with them or with the EAC website. I wasnt using anything but Discord while using rust. I am not too sure what could have triggered it but im assuming it was more than likely an in game mod doing the strike and less the EAC considering there was nothing running.

I’m seeing a lot of false bans lately appearing everywhere not just on forums, well not a lot I should say a couple. I’m really hoping these are real innocent people because if they are not they are wasting their time. I really hope EAC made a big mistake and that I’m not the only one because this will increase my chances of being noticed.

I am more than certain it couldnt have been EAC, it had to have been a mod which is understandable if they saw something weird but I just wish there was an easier way to appeal or at least have someone hand check the ban. unless that is already done, I guess I just want some confirmation from FP on this or some guidance.

Make a ticket to Facepunch Official Support

Did that as well, just wanted to see if maybe a mod in here could help me out, I saw some previous post with mod replies.

They will tell u the same thing they told me to make an EAC ticket.

But if it is EAC then it makes zero sense. I can imagine if a mod did something but if the system says im cheating it doesnt matter what I do or say, my rust career is over at that point.