Game Ban Appeal,

I was banned 366 days ago on rust, and it was not a server ban it was a full game ban. I got a virus on my pc from my friend making me download warzone cheats he said it was fine but he didn’t have it downloaded but I trusted him. Anyways, as I did not cheat I request an unban as I want to play with my friends. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could help me out with an unban.
Steam ID (hex):110000105a062e0

Game bans are permanent.
Just downloading cheats marks you as a cheater, wouldn’t you agree that it would be a better experience for normal players if a cheater was banned before he even used the cheats to ruin their gameplay?

I probably shouldve said this in the post but it wasnt aimbot, esp, or nothing. It was just an unlock tool that gave me a virus and used my cpu for a miner.

Why would your friend send you that? He basically screwed you over pretty hard.

ik i basically cut him off after he did what he did. I js want the unban because I didn’t do anything wrong in rust and thats why im confused on my ban other than the virus i got

i got banned for it too i had cs go cheats on pc… i didnt know im gonna get banned on rust for it i appealed like 20 times and they not responding i dont know if its worth trying

Cheats are cheat, they may vary depending on the game but at the end of the day they all have similar functions to spoof the player’s inputs.

and im not trying to spend another 40 dollars of my dads money just for me to play rust again