Game Ban Appeal

I’ve played over 2000 hours in rust and spent several hundred dollars on skins and stuff for rust I’ve never cheated in my life and I let my friends brother play Minecraft on single player with mods and cheats like mod menu to do cool stuff in my friends servers we had and stuff going because its fun and he decided to open other games and the first one he decided to go on was rust and rainbow six but rust when he loaded in gave me an insta ban and he called me in the room and I was pissed I just gave up on rust for a while but I miss it so much is there anyways to get help because I have several people who can back me up that I don’t cheat on completive games especially rust I put months of my life into that game and so much money why would I cheat. I don’t stream don’t make videos I have no reason to be “THE BEST” I play to have fun and meet people all around the world. I hope there is a way to be able to play on my main account so I don’t have to start over with all my hours on my steam account.

Sorry man, bans are final and cannot be appealed.
You could ask your friend to pay back at least a portion of what you spent, I’m saying a portion because it’s partially your fault. I doubt minecraft mods were the reason why you got banned though.

it was mods with like this cheat menu thingy for minecraft

minecraft mods wont trigger EAC