"Game Ban" as a result of a hacker...

I received a game ban as a result of 2 hackers on Facepunch New York. All night a hacker by the name of Kangaroo Jack and SETH were flying around killing people after I posted in the general chat in game asking other players to help report the cheaters they both changed their account names to my name in an attempt to get me banned. Which was successful on their part. The hacker landed on top of my base bragging about the fact that he was going to get me banned. And after changing his name to mine told he told everyone in game to report my name. At which time I changed my name multiple times to try and throw the hackers off and they kept changing their name to my name and then killing everyone and numerous people in general chat saying to falsely report me. I begged everyone in chat explaining the fact that it was not me hacking and that they stole my name.

Banned by Game Developer (Game Ban) - This is what it said the next day.

Ronald Blumsky - this was the last game name I had before getting banned.

This user has also played as:
Ronald Blumsky
Hackname is SETH
Donald Trumpsky

^These are all of the names I tried to switch to throw the hackers off. And they kept changing their game ID’s as I did…

If you look through the twitter ban last they banned this hacker:

But if you look at the name he used all of my account names to get me falsely reported. I also explained in the “F7 report” function that he was hijacking every account name I made to try and get me reported.

This is a major flaw in the report system. It is not fair that I lost function of the game as a result of a hacker taking my name. I do believe this has happened before to others and needs to be brought to someones attention. I have read multiple counts of false bans. Also the fact that there is no explanation in the slightest as to why I was banned is just plain wrong.

I don’t think they ban people for being reported, i think they only ban on detection of hacks. Even if you weren’t using yours, I assume you got caught.

I was not using any hacks. I had been playing for around a month with over 200 hours played at least. then after the hackers steal my account name and get me falsely reported I’m banned the next day for hacks??? you’ve got to be fucking kidding me if you believe that in the slightest.

I have gazed into the future, soon there will be talk about a paid cheat.

Did you not read the OP?

EAC would be pretty incompetent if they banned based on steam display name instead of steamid…

Just wait and see.

Impossible to check without SteamID64

Not trying to join the lynch mob, but its been a LONG time since someone tried to claim that they got banned because they had the same display name as a cheater.

Recent Activity
166.1 hours past 2 weeks

that was the amount of time I played before they jacked my account name and got me falsely reported.

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I’m having trouble locating this steamID # your talking about? I checked under profile where exactly is it located?

Just link to your profile ala this http://steamcommunity.com/id/kretserud/

I think this is it? I made it public. I changed it to private at the time the hackers kept changing their name to mine. I’m assuming they could keep seeing my name while I was inside of my base…

I also added the picture during the time the hackers kept switching the name to mine so I could explain to everyone in general chat what they were doing and made it so my picture was different from their picture…

I guess this is my punishment for reporting a hacker in general chat to try and warn others and ask for help…

76561198277118594 this is your steamid.

So what now what do I do? I shouldn’t be punished for a broken report system… this is such bullshit I tried to do the right thing for myself as well as the other players in the game…

Wait for EAC to check your claim.

where do I make a claim at?

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We’ve confirmed that your account donaldtrumpsky has been in-game banned in Rust.

eac_SMa stated that it was impossible to check without a steamid a bit further up in the thread.
You’ve already posted it, just give it time and he’ll surely reply here.

I was unaware this is where issues of that type get resolved I tried to use steam support which couldn’t help me.

Also I had never changed my account name at all until that night the hackers were doing this. And after I looked up their accounts they both had less than 10 hours play time on them.

And when the hacker was on my roof I told him “Enjoy the ban buddy I reported you.” he simply stated “you think i give a fuck you can buy this game for $4 in Russia”

He then went on to explaining that he changed his name 11 times and that it made it not show up in the report system…

It’s not, but when people come here and complain instead of taking 30 seconds to google they usually respond.

Sorry. I’m just a little disappointed I guess. I was really starting to get into this game. My friends introduced it to me. They warned me about the amount of hackers but I didn’t expect this to happen…

They warned me about the hackers, but I never suspected that I WOULD BE ONE TOO