Game Ban

I was banned because i found out i played rust with a computer that one of my friends used cheats, We play rust on an internet cafe so we all play with same computers. After a search on internet i found out that we can get banned if we play from a computer that used cheats. I’ve never cheated on rust with my account so i’m asking you what can we do about it. Strange thing is my account got banned from Hurtworld too, i think that’s because Hurtworld uses EAC aswell. and this is a link to my profile.

There’s literally no way you can prove this. You’re asking them to just trust you that you weren’t using cheats lol. Not sure what response you’re expecting but if it’s an unban I got a feeling you’re gonna be out of luck

I’m sure there should be ways to prove this, are you trying to say they can’t check if any untrusted programs used when i was playing rust? It just automaticly banned me because i played rust on a computer that a hacker banned on. Those computers have deep freeze so there is no way i played them on when there are cheats installed. Basically i got banned because somebody got banned on that computer. Probably something like hard disk ban. Btw they can check my stats if i’m not wrong.

If a cop pulls you over and your friend has a giat bong with 3 lbs of weed next to you do you think he would buy your story? Enjoy the ban jop

No need to be such offensive, i just want them to investigate it. I just hope they have ways to understand if i’m cheating or not.

deep freeze? sounds safe enough to clear out what the previous so called hacker running on before you use that computer.

More than likely a EAC rep will be around to take a look and will tell you.
If there is such a assessment and you are found guilty of a cheat, there is nothing you can do except format that computer ,make sure the cheats are gone and re purchase Rust.

Very optimistic indeed.

Your account is your responsibility. They’re not going to unban you.