game ban ?

i got game ban ? .

its not hacking so what should i do ?

Nice info buddy but we need your steam Id and you need to stop hacking :slight_smile:

STEAM_0:0:147733677 i am not hacking ?

So what your saying is you got the extremely rare(but possible) false-postive ban and you weren’t caught in the ban wave? Man up and accept the ban.

how i can accept the ban and i am not cheating ?

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how i can accept the ban and i am not cheating ?

Can’t wait till an EAC guy comes over and says you have a definite paid hack or postal explains it to you. How do you think you were banned then?

of i know i won’t come here

Lol that’s what they all say. So why do you think you were banned??

People who get banned need to stop coming here. Even if you are innocent this is not the way to get unbanned, and as always remember Google is your friend.

Confirmed EAC ban.

Nice second account with a VAC ban that you’re probably family-sharing CS:GO off of, too.

I’ve also found at least one account belonging to you on a cheat forum that has posted about cheats for Fistful of Frags. :v:

Wait, how many banned Steam accounts have you racked up? This one has three VAC bans.

Holy shit stop getting EAC banned. And VAC banned. Why do you have like nine accounts and why are five of them banned for cheating?

lmao you’ve been EAC banned twice in the last three days, do you think we’re idiots? :v:

Maybe someone from EAC will come to the thread and review your ban. What you can expect from EAC: You will either be unbanned if it is a mistake (keep dreaming), or the ban will not be removed if it is not a mistake. You will not be provided the time and date or details of the detection either way.

Does anyone know how to fix a error? (I have a thread on it.)

(User was banned for this post ("Uh don't advertise your thread in other unrelated threads..." - postal))

No respect to other players …No sence of decency …no skill …no self respect … AND YOU DONT TELL THE TRUE