Game ban

So I have been a loyal supporter of the rust community for over 2 years I have roughly 2500 hrs and I have never cheated once but one day I wake up with two bans for rainbow and rust for no reason no explanation the only other thing I can think of is at the time I had my name as alpha Russian but I had that name before the Russian war with Ukraine and I don’t know if they found that offensive and at the time I was not even level 50 in rainbow and was playing on a modded server any way I can get unbanned I have ask eac multiple times over the span of 129 days and no response I don’t have any proof but I did have Corsair x and I don’t know if that maybe a reason I got banned

It does not say vac it says steam auth game banned

EAC is not VAC

Ok if eac banned me what would it say if I tried to join a server

who knows, nobody here actually plays rust, EAC is what handles bans for the official servers, you will still be able to join the community servers