Game Banned On Rust Alpha | Unknown Reason For Ban.

Hi my name is Fades. i have had rust for a few days now and i have been loving it. today i was shocked when i came on to rust and when i tried to join my server that i normally play on it said “Steam Auth: gamebanned” i have know idea why i was banned i really need someone to look at this post and tell me the reason of my ban or anything i just need some info because i have never hacked and i really would like to play the game again. please reply.

Steam Account Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58761175

If you need anymore info please contact me me.

Sincerely, Fades.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

You were banned for cheating and you will be told that by a moderator later on. If you want to play again then you’ll have to wipe the cheat and purchase it on another account.

Honestly you’re not going to get anything out of this forum. If you want to be ridiculed and mocked then stay I guess.

How will i be contacted by a Moderator? will it be on the forums?

a few methods. since it’s an EAC game ban, you can either check back here for when the EAC reps reply, contact them via their website, or recently i learnt of the steam forum. the main thing is, every cheater tries this, and they have a bit of a job on their hands doing manual checks on each of the people who come here. give it time, they will reply.

How shocked were you? ;D I want to see pictures.

The ban is from a definite cheat detection and it is permanent. For more information please read this: