Game banned with no explanation - No I don't hack

Game banned with no explanation - No I don’t hack
account: gs9boys

what is this about? How do I fight against this and see what is the problem?

post Steam id , where did you get banned and why did you get banned for

I was in a game, randomly got disconnected, and now any server I go to join it just says gamebanned

Also I was updated in the twitter here:

That’s an EAC ban.

Three-day-old account with nothing on it but Rust. Seems legit.

You wouldn’t happen to have an alt account with the nickname pay.p, would you?

At any rate, sit tight until EAC sees this thread, reviews your detection records, and either confirms that it is a valid ban, or confirms it’s a false positive (you would be the sixth incident total) and unbans you. That’s it. Nothing that you say will influence that decision.

Yes I did have a different account I used for rust, and that I did hack on over 100 days ago.
I got banned for that. I’m not denying that. I had a “if you cant beat them join them” attitude. That was until I realized this is a game that the devs actively are banning and doing a great job banning hackers on.
Since then I made a new account, learned my lesson, and bought the game again and played completely legit. No hacks at all - why would I get banned again - I paid for the game again and changed my ways. Surely I shouldn’t be persistently banned because of this bad judgement call a long time ago?

Just a theory but maybe you left hacks installed and did not format your system before going legit.

I am not an EAC dev (or else I’d just look you up in the database myself and give you the info straight instead of dancing around), but I can assure you that EAC does not ban by IP or HWID and does not ban just because you once hacked on a different account some time before.

It bans for detected injections of hacks into the Rust game client.

If you really are trying to play legit and are completely baffled by what has happened, it’s possible that EAC is detecting any leftover crap from the hacks if you didn’t do a thorough enough job in cleaning them out. What constitutes a thorough enough job? Sometimes it requires a clean Windows install, because the hack leaves behind all sorts of crap that EAC detects and freaks out for (because it can’t tell the difference between a known hack stub being used with no actual hack being injected and that stub with a hack actively being injected in an undetectable manner).

Wait so this new ban is because it thinks I am hacking on this new account??
I immediately assumed it was because of my old account that I got banned on. I wouldn’t bother spending the money and setting up a new steam to just get banned again - I’ve played 100 % legit.
Do they not have ways to see whether I still am using hacks or not? I died at almost every fight I got in to, and never really had any good gear. Can someone verify what the ban is even for??

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Really hey… I had to do all sorts of crap to make the auto aim hack work on my computer. I had to “PATCH” my windows or something - I’m not tech savvy at all and have no clue how to remove this stuff. So is there a manual review that can prove I wasn’t doing anything? I really need to re-install windows? Jesus…

it’s unrelated to your account, but rather the state of your pc. EAC detects cheats in rust memory, bans the account running rust. you could be on someone elses computer and unaware of the cheats and still be banned. and as elix said, could remove cheats and still have enough left over for a ban when you try on a new account.

We are just speculating, but a lot of hacks run at driver level and run pretty deep so its possible a trace of these has gotten you banned.

For an exact answer you will have to wait for EAC to reply.

So can an “EAC Dev” manually check things out and see that nothing was out of the norm?

In order for the hacks to work, you have to give them what might as well be total control over your machine. It’s not strictly total control, but as far as anything that matters goes, it is. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, and you don’t like the idea of this happening over and over, a wipe and reinstall is your safest option. Once hacks are installed on a machine, it’s dirty, and unless you know exactly how to remove all traces of them, it’s still dirty until you start over.

As for a manual review, it helps to read peoples’ posts.

In your estimation how many other player’s game experiences did you ruin when you were hacking?

Interested that of all the many many hackers on here complaining that they got game banned when they have stopped hacking, not a single one has actually expressed any real remorse for the turd of an experience that they created for other legit players.

Well this is why I didn’t complain when I took my credit card out for the second time to buy the game for a second time. Punishment accepted - however, to be repeatedly punished for it seems a bit harsh.

Again, EAC doesn’t ban for bad reputations, it bans for dirty computers. If you were in fact trying to play legit, this is your indication that there’s still something there and you need to take more drastic measures to clean your computer. One possible option, if you know of no other way to remove the cheats, is a clean Windows install. On the other hand, if you can get the cheat writer to help you perform a clean uninstall of their crap, as long as they’re honest with you and give you the full support you need, then you should be fine. As long as the computer’s not dirty any longer, EAC won’t care.

Thanks for your replies, I made a post in the cheat forum trying to get support to remove everything - I’ll wait for the EAC dev to come in here. Appreciate it.

I wouldn’t bother don’t take chances and just format and do a clean install. Otherwise it could happen again.

No matter how thorough you are it can sometimes be damn near impossible to remove these with certainty.

As elixwhitetail said these **about 4 times **files/hacks run way above a user level including the admin. They can sometimes run as “SYSTEM” which is the highest privilege level on a machine.

For 100% peace of mind you should just do a full wipe but that’s your decision not mines.

Don’t cheat kids it’s not worth it :v:

He took the time to very clearly explain this to you and infact he is 100% spot on and clearly knows what he is talking about. You should take his advice he didn’t give you a one liner at least read his damn post.

TL:DR Read his post next time and format the whole system!

I think I’ll do that, I have a lot of things to set up again - but whatever my computer has been slowing down lately.

K just finished reinstalling windows - cleaned drives everything - what’s the next safest route to being able to play again without getting banned for no reason?
Sorry to ask this but when do I hear about the manual EAC investigation typically? Thanks.

You just trolling? Because the shit you lied about to Rustopia US admins about not having a second account is kind of sad TBH, pretending to never play computer games hahah laughable.