Game Banned?

A few days ago I got home from school and hopped on to rust. I was banned out of no where about 8 hours before the fact. I have never cheated in a game and never would and all of a sudden I have a game ban on my steam account. Rust is the only game I play and that I am passionate about. This has actually gotten me really upset because I know that I did not hack or cheat of any sort and I was game banned. I have contacted both facepunch and steam via email but someone told me to report here for a response. I’m not expecting much out of this due to it being a game ban. But If there is anything you can do, please let me know It would mean a lot. Thanks

How can anyone know if you don’t give info?
Post your steam ID

Well, you definitely show up on the official Rust hack report twitter. You’ll just have to wait for someone from EAC to pop in and say whether or not the ban is valid. To be fair though, most bans are valid, and many people tend to come here claiming that they were innocent when EAC’s info states otherwise, so don’t get your hopes up.

Yes that is what I figured, but I thought it would be worth a try :smiley:

You waited 7 days for your VAC before coming here, doesn’t seem like someone who’s worried about the fact they were banned…

I guess I did not specify in my post clearly… Moments after I found out I was banned I emailed steam and facepunch. I had no clue to even come here until someone recommended it to me.

You’re Mike Harper right? You may not know me, but my sole purpose on these forums is to literally expose the cheaters in rust, and i’ve done it time and time again, i’ll even make a 50$ steam card bet that you’re cheating.

Okay, so let me get this straight. You’re attempting to ‘expose’ me by what? Getting my name off my steam profile. If you do not have anything irelevant to post please save your time.

Yeah… you should read other threads here of people saying they got banned…

There is no “attempting” needed. You already exposed yourself.
You obviously have no idea how many people come here with the same excuse time and time again.
It has become a weekly ritual. Don’t believe me? Just do a general search on this forum using the word banned(
EAC will more than likely swing by and confirm shortly.

Confirmed cheat detection. The ban is permanent.