Game Box Models

I wanted to know if anyone would make Game boxes like the TF2 game box, with games like:
QUAKE (1,2,3) BOX
HALO (1,2,3) BOX
HALF-LIFE (1,2,ep1,ep2) BOX
and any other games you can think of!
P.S. the reason i put this up is because i was gonna make a Gmod vid on LANs and i needed a game box for COD4 and COD6 but couldn’t find any :frowning:
post for more game box ideas (luckly someone will do this since its request).

[edit] heres the TF2 game box example:

It’s really easy to do. All you need to do is find the game image you want, then convert it into a .vtf using VTFedit.

really? thats easy. Where do i get VTFedit?

Google it.


Bear in mind what you’ll end up doing here is replace the texture of one of these existing box models you’ve installed.

Why not just copy a fuckload of basic box materials, give them different names, and then make their material that of your selected game?

Good idea!