[GAME BREAKING BUG] Full Auto AR shooting/Shotgun = FPS DROP = 0 FPS

So whenever Someone in the same area of me or myself even, shoots an AR at full auto or spams Pump Shotgun, I get 0 frames, meaning if some fuck shoots me with an AR I die because I cannot even move/see/shoot back.

I am not the only one this happens to, many people in my clan/groups always complain whenever AR’s start going off that they have massive FPS Drops.

So basically yeah fix that, it’s more than annoying, it’s unbearable. ( Please fix this by next patch =D )

EDIT: I am going to be disabling my sound card hopefully it’s the sounds. maybe I can play this game Deaf.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I have been killed by this bug more than once.

5 people shooting + c4 charges exploding. Well, see for yourself :D

agreed. got into a 5vs 10 this weekend. as soon as 2 or 3 peoepl starting firing almost everyone froze in place. lag is so bad you have no idea if yoru moving where your shots are going and you cant even reload. its absolutely horrific. I am running with an amd fx-8350 8 core, 16gb of ram, with a gtx 970. In rust my fps jumps all over the place from 25 fps to 70fps, but once a few peopel start firing it brings the entire system to it’s knees. yes, its alpha, yes theyve already tried to improve the issue. No, it didnt work. Lol.

I am not sure what causes it, but I think it might have to do with the CPU getting bottlenecked from the sounds, Sadly I haven’t had the time to disable my sound card/drivers to test this theory but I will when I get the chance.

Working fine on my laptop on ultra settings.

i7 4870HQ CPU - 3.6ghz
16gb DDR3 RAM
2x GTX 970M SLI

Will probably be CPU bottleneck. Try lowering graphics quality.

it isn’t the graphics quality, I have tried it on all settings. it’s either a whack particle/physics calculation or the sounds are not working properly and are causing trouble for the cpu.

It’s not quality that’s the issue. I can turn everything to shit, get 60+fps no matter where I am and gun fights still lag the fuck out of me and others.

Doesn’t matter what our configurations are. Doesn’t matter the drivers, OS, etc.

Tons deal with this.

If I were to guess, it’s the sound engine of the game.

The chat is also fucking up the FPS.

I’ve just added the ability for us to control the number of simultaneous sounds any object in the game can play and it seems to have helped with this issue on my end. If you’ve been experiencing this, hop on the dev branch (jenkins should finish the build in 10-20 mins) and let me know if you’re seeing an improvement as well!

I will give it a try. I’m going to see about showing video evidence of the chat lag and post it when I can.

i believe it has something to do with sound reverb/echo generation, disabling that would fixit i think.

Alright, went on Dev.

Sounds seem okay. I dunno if I was to see a setting under F2, but firing the guns did not seem to do much but drop 1-2 frames at any given time. However, it wasn’t until the below test that I found it to be fine.

I did discover something while trying to optimize. I had impact decals on and noticed whenever I was close to them/lots of them, I’d start losing about 10-15 frames.

Went into the .cfg, turned them pretty much off (1 or 0 value) and then ran the same 5xAK continuous fire again, no lag!

So, decals seem a little much. I don’t know what fair values for these would be, but allow these in the F2 menu, please.