Game breaking bug

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I enjoy Rust more than any game I’ve played in awhile. It’s a great concept for a game, being able to build your own house and store your materials in there until they are needed. I built several houses in Rust, all of which have been raided in a fashion that I deemed it necessary to move and chalked it up to an expensive lesson. Most of my the times I have been raised were failure on my part, building a design I didn’t know was so easy to access. The last base I built I considered impressive, thinking any potential raiders would have to use upwards of 20 explosive charges to get anywhere near my loot. I was obviously mistaken, because when the game came back online(I play on US East) my base was indeed raided using no more than four explosive charges. I was at a loss as to how this happened because I was 7 stories up and having to go through multiple doors on each floor. As I looked around the answer became clear.

tl:dr There is currently a glitch in the game that allows you to suspend a crate in mid air as long as a small part of the crate is sticking through a wall. This sounds minor, every game has collision detection problems, but it hurts rust gameplay more than most. It is all too easy to build yourself a set of “crate stairs” up the side of someone’s structure and just blow your way in. You have limited your base designs to something like a 9x9 box, because it’s true that no structure is ever safe, you can build in such a way that most raiders would think it’s not worth it. The ability to get into anyone base easily due to glitches coupled with the new sleeper system really make it hard for the little guys.

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Devs already know about this. There are tons of forum posts as well as Bug reports. It is being worked on, research before you post.