Game Breaking Bug?

Lowering the sensitivity in game directly affects sway of all weapons.

Many people are abusing this to remove sway from their weapons and are increasing their sensitivity in Windows and their mouse software to have a normal sensitivity, but no sway on their weapons.

Can anyone else confirm this? I would like to see more talk on this, sounds like a fairly large problem/exploit.

Hmm, I’ll check this out and report back if it’s true.

WreckBeard, are you talking about that there is no recoil when shooting or something else?

Something else. Adjust the mouse sensitivity in game, try aiming with BAR + Holo Sight. No sway.

Adjust mouse sensitivity higher = sway.

i tried it right now and it effectively works…now i get why a lot of people can headshot you with 3/5 4/5 of their hits even without using aimbots…

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this definitely have to be fixed asap

Ahh i understood the problem now, alarming bug if its really following sensitivity

No wonder, I like to play games on really high sensitivity. No wonder I can’t aim on this game. Thank you so much, now I can actually pull off headshots!

Nice job, now even more people will be using this exploit… try to post this in rust’s bug report. Bravo to you, complaining, yet causing an even bigger problem.

Sway is really affected by game sensitivity? I wonder how that happened. The two should be set entirely independent of each other.


Please show me the rust bug report forum?

i am actually glad he posted this bug. I was not aware of its existance and, hopefully, not that it is made public it will be fixed faster (instead of only having those few that knew it getting advantages out of it)