Game Breaking Computer Freeze Issue *PLEASE READ*

I pray the creators of Rust reply to my post as this is a serious game breaking issue.

After about 5 minutes of Rust: the screen goes black, your video card get’s very loud, and you have to restart/shutdown your computer. It’s a big deal that effect all operating systems…

My game was perfect for over a week, since the issue I have re-installed Rust, re-installed Windows (from scratch), and a million other quick fixes online (turned off AdBlock, turn off anti-aliasing, ran Rust at absolute lowest settings, un-checked ‘read only’ for Rust folder, installed all recent drivers/updates, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.)

Allow me to reference previous posts:

Linux thread in reference to issue -
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MostlyHrmless - “Since the update, Rust has been randomly crashing. Can’t identify any specific actions that cause the issue, just 5 minutes in, sometimes 10 or 15 minutes, I drop to the desktop. Running Ubuntu 12.10 with Nvidia graphics. Anyone else having a similar experience?”

P4lm3 -* “Not sure why, but Rust is crashing 5 minutes after I start it up.
Sometimes it crashes when I join a server. Anyone else getting this?”*

hollander - It’s not just me:

johnnyrags - “I get loaded into the game and get to play for about 10 seconds then my screen goes black, Windows goes completely unresponsive, and the PC acts like the graphics driver crashed and failed to recover until I power off and back on again. Everything boots up normally after that. Run the game, load in, crash after 10 seconds or less, same symptoms.
Any thoughts? I am thinking it could be a driver bug possibly? but I would expect to see more people complaining about this if this was the case. Anything that anyone could suggest would be awesome.”

The lists of these posts go on and on. If it’s already being looked into great. Otherwise this deserves real immediate attention as the game is unplayable, not just laggy or slow.

Here’s my computer specs if it counts, and again EVERYTHING is up-to-date and I even re-installed windows to no avail:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
Memory: 4.00GB DDR3 RAM
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad - Q9650 @ 3.00GHz

I have the exact same problem and have found nothing to fix it. It is unplayable.

No problems here. I think this is a much more localized issue than you are making it out to be.

I want everyone affected by this issue to enter this console command into Rust when they start it up to see if it helps any:

render.frames 30

I’m guessing that’s the correct syntax, the playrust blog post does not explain in more detail. Yes, this should cap the game at 30 fps. For troubleshooting purposes, live with it.

See if Rust still crashes.