Game breaking (Prop glitch) in PERP/RP servers.

I’ve noticed in perp servers a glitch where every once in a while all the props and stuff disappear (And vehicles) then 5 minutes later my game crashes. not sure if this is a game breaking bug or whatever it’s called but it only seems to happen in perp and Roleplay servers. I don’t know if this is garry’s mod 13 (since it only happen’d after the update) Or only the hosts fault of the server. An answer of why this is caused or how to fix it (Without rejoining or crashing) would be appreciated.

You should bring this up to the server owner, not us, we can’t do anything about it, they can.

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PERP is also really buggy by default, so have him, if he knows how, look into fixing it.

I am a DarkRP and PERP server owner and have not had this problem.

Try removing (renaming) you Garry’s Mod folder because there may be a bug.

I don’t think Garry did this in an update and my servers have no reports so I am not sure.