Game closing after joining a server

hello guys I have a really big problem on the current Rust, when I try to join a server or a friend I’m waiting in the loading all is fine and then after loading snapshots and entities the game crashes, when I joined my friend he said he could see the message “JiggyJinjo has joined the game” I tried verifying game cache but didnt do anything

same here, after or while snapshots are being loaded, the game crashes. Odd enough, i don’t get any kind of crash report, the game just closes.

i don’t even get crashs report I really don’t know what to do it worked well before

Im having the same problem. Last time I played was Sunday. Then Tuesday morning when attempting to join any server. My game crashes on the Loading Snapshot / Entities part. I’ve uninstalled / Reinstalled Rust. Even reinstalled steam. Turned off my antivirus and firewall. Still no luck. What’s wrong with this client game?

Same here. No idea whats happening. Havent heard of any fixes. Started after yesterdays update for me.

Same problem, got crash files but dunno where to send them.

Same problem …

Still the same

Same here. And it’s annoying as hell, making me want to uninstall Rust.
For me it happens whenever I move stuff around in my inventory or use the 1-6 keys to access the hotbar. As soon as I do any of those, the game crashes to desktop.

Gave up after this:

I cant even get into the game to play, it crashes after it loads the snapshots.

it’s been 2 weeks and it’s still not fixed i’m really disappointed :confused:


This is also happening to me.

I have similar problem, my game freezes at loading taking up 50 percent cpu. but game window is still open.

Any updates? Game is not playable.

still not fixed but I think they’re working on it

has everyone tried loading the client on fastest settings? usually fixes for me then i just turn back up again in game, maybe turn off full reflections before that…

I uninstalled with revo uninstaller so there is no folders or anything that last it was a completly clean install

I have same problem as well, crashing while joining any server. This is getting ridiculous and i really want to play the new rust. :frowning: I tried on all GPU settings and still zip.

I can now play since the new update came out what about you guys ?