game.ConsoleCommand Issue

Hello there, I’m in the process of creating a new Admin mod and am now polishing off on the ban system.
I most recently was trying to make the kick/ban reasons more informative and ‘pretty’, which involved me putting different pieces of information on different lines using the special character ’

Now, my ban system uses ‘gameevent.Listen(“player_connect”)’ as it is the earliest way of kicking players (That I know of).
However when I use this, RunConsoleCommand(“kickid”, steamID, reason) didn’t seem to work; so I used game.ConsoleCommand("kickid “…steamID…” "…reason…
) instead.
However, as my kick message contains the ’
’ it seems to be cancelling out the game.ConsoleCommand string argument early - causing a sliced version of the desired kick/ban reason.

Does anybody have any ideas of alternative methods I could try which are still as effective?

Use Player:Kick lua function.

Why not use CheckPassword hook instead?

Thanks, I found that not too long ago; but it doesn’t seem to be getting called on Listen Servers - so I was hoping for a fix for the gameevent. Oh well.

Thanks anyway!