Game constantly crashing


My Unity player keeps crashing from being in certain areas, especially ones with a lot of buildings. I used to be able to play fine back in July, but now the game is unplayable because of all of this crashing I’m experiencing. Any idea how to resolve this? I tried clearing cache etc. Could it possibly be the nVidia beta drivers for the gtx 770 or something like that? Idk, any help would be appreciated.

I’ve been dealing with a bunch of issues with the game since an update or two ago, randomly the background of my desktop would show and put me out of focus of the game and I have to like click my desktop then Google Chrome again to focus back in. Google Chrome also becomes practically inoperable at times when playing the game, I just deal with it now unfortunately.

I find that I receive unbearable lag whenever i come around huge buildings that players have made. I am also seeing an uncomfortable amount of lag around the two story irradiated scripted buildings. Usually around these buildings I get around a 3 second pause before i can move again.

Yeah. Same here. Players around these buildings dont get said lag… leaves you wide open for an M$ round to the back of your head.

Whereas when i first got rust a couple days back I was crashing every 5 minutes in IE. Tried disabling SLi and a few other things but what fixed it for me was to change over to chrome. So if you haven’t tried another browser… might be worth a look.

Give this a try. I use to crash in APB Reloaded before and after buying a high end PC with 690 GTX. Go to Control Panel > Nvidia Control Panel. Manage 3D Settings. Go to Program Settings on right side. Select a program to customize. Go to Chrome or your favorite browser. Find CUDA - GPUs. It should be set to Use global setting (All). You will change it to: Use these GPUs. Do not check anything and click on OK. It should then be set to None. Click on Apply at the bottom and see what happens. This turns off PhysX. This is not a guarantee but worth a try. Please let us know if this works. I get lag but I don’t get crashes and deal with it.

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Recent update is worse now…unbearable lag, can’t put up walls, spawned with house like nearly fully destroyed (i log on just about everyday).