Game Control Panel

Hi, I’m gonna make a server hosting service, and want to have a game control panel, I’m thinking of getting TCAdmin or GameCP or something like that, similar to what xenon has(right now I have serverdoc, the free version, and you can only run command lines and start/stop the server)

I’m not planning on starting a full fledged business just selling servers to clan members and friends, the costs are primarily just to maintain my internet connection(and still have some bandwidth for myself)

What’s with the Master server and remote server and all that, all I want is to download the files to put on my website, what do I order? =S

Actually wanted to say that you should not start server hosting blablabla, but I host servers for about 1 year now only for my friends and some clans that I know really well, i’ve been looking into this for a while but never found a good solution so ill join you with the question.

With TCAdmin you must have atleast one master server license, so if you only had one server you would get that. The remotes are for additonal server boxes you want to add to your network.

I am going to have 1 computer hosting multiple servers… so do I buy multiple master server licences(for each server I want a control panel for)