Game Crash on SP Start

My Game crashes every time I run single player. I am playing on a mac, and I have figured out that it is an addon crashing my game. Is there any way to find out the addon that could possibly be crashing my Garry’s Mod? I have a video showing my game crash, and it’s error.
The game just says hl2_osx has quit unexpectedly. It says something about Awesominium. That’s all I know about it.

This video will be up later today. I can’t get it to process atm.

Hopefully I can get all the help that I can, because I really want to play single player with all my addons instead of none, or not playing at all.

Thanks! :yarr:

EDIT: Just found out it was the person below me’s error! It was the addon that he had that crashed my game aswell! Marking this as Solved!