Game crash when joining a server

Good day all!
After watching hours and hours of Rust let’s plays online I decided to give it a shot myself.
Unfortunately the game crashes during joining a server.

I have tried to fix the issue by:

  • removing config.cfg file
  • updating Nvidia drivers
  • running Rust as administrator
  • making sure that rust.exe and rustclient.exe are using my Nvidia GPU
  • verifying game integrity
  • running DX9 version of the game

None of the above made any difference.

I then tried the legacy version which works.

My laptop specs:
Intel I7-4700MQ
The laptop has dual graphics(Intel+NVIDIA), tried running the game using both, but no joy.
Windows 10

Crash report:
Error.log -
Output.log -
Crash.dmp -

Hope I have provided sufficient info and this can be resolved soon.

Many thanks.

Just tried the pre-release version of Rust which works! I’m guessing the new update should resolve the issue?! Not sure when this is due to be released.

UPDATE: My client updated and the game now works fine !