Game Crashes after playing on server for 30 seconds -1 minute

I keep trying to play PH on a server that I have been playing for a while now and for some reason it keeps crashing and giving me the HL2.exe has stopped working error or nothing at all.

I have tried the following to fix the issue:

running as WIndows XP SP3
-dxlevel 95
verifying game caches for all of my Valve games
Update my graphics
Update DX
Take TF2 out of the Common folder

Help PLEASE!!!

Try cleaning up your addons (uninstalling ones you don’t need). If that doesn’t work, try to do a clean reinstall.You don’t just go to Steam and “Delete Local Content” for this, you need to go to your Steam Directory, then Steam Apps. Then, delete the Garry’s Mod folder. I also suggest you turn of Steam Cloud for Garry’s Mod before you do this, because it does synchronize settings and could bring over the problem again. Then install.

Also try putting -dxlevel 81 in your start options. Note this will make your game look somewhat worse. If you don’t like it go back to 95