Game crashes after someone joins

My friend hosts a server off of his computer, through his game client. All he has really is Wiremod and PHX3 under SVN and then some little things like STools.

When he starts up the server, a few of us dick around for a while but after say a half hour if someone else joins the server his game crashes. which means the server goes down and we all rage.

Any ideas?

If it’s just for you and your friends, sv_password would fix it.

We did that, but we like having more people in the server. if they join like 5 minutes after the server is put up its fine, but when it gets to be like an hour or 2 hours and then people join it crashes.

me and my friend do the same thing except i use the create multiplayer thingy. he was normally able to join and we could mess around and stuff but after the latest update when everyone’s problems started i started having this problem. except it happens whenever he joins now… so we cant play together at all

i dont know if its as easy to change as it is on the quick create multiplayer thing but you can change the max player slots to however many of your friends are going to be in there and i dont think anyone else can join then

Try clearing your cache by going into your server’s \orangebox\garrysmod\cache\dua directory and clearing the .DUA files only inside the folder; don’t actually delete the folder itself. Restart your server and see if it works.

Tried all that, no go.