Game crashes because of some Hexes.

I hexed a file, I opened the spawn menu where it is located then it shut down/crashed with an error message, For my bad luck it was in Finnish so you guys can’t read it. Could somebody of you guys help! I hate when that happens if i find a cool model. Please help me. When i removed file, didn’t crash when i opened the location in game, where the model was.

The model was hexed incorrectly. This has happened to be a few times, and is usually the result of someone going to hex the model, using XVI32 to rename the directories, and accidentally hitting Backspace. That causes the entire model to FUBAR, which is what crashes your game.
The reason it crashes when you open the spawn menu is because the menu creates those little ingame previews, meaning it renders the model; when it reaches that particularly corrupted model, the preview render screws up and crashes the game.

What you’ve got to do is rehex that particular model over again, and make sure you don’t mess up on the XVI32 portion.

Nope. I solved the problem. I hexed it again and again and nothing. I have never made mistakes when hexing. Then i got answer, i make a Spawnlist. Huzzah!!! The model worked.