Game crashes constantly since todays update

Ok once again another update was released today and now my game will not even start.
It becomes non responsive and closes itself

I have restarted and no good

PC specs incase anyone wants to know

CPU - intel core 2 extream 3.2GHz
Ram - 12 GB DDR2
Video - PCI-E SiL nVidia 512mb x 2
Monitor - dual 19 wide lcds
Power - 800 watts
HDD - 1 TB sata
OS - windows vista ultimate

What addons, and how many do you have installed?

What is in your Autoexec.cfg file?

Have you tried running in 32-Bit compatibility mode?

I’m getting consistent crashes since the update when NPCs (specifically metrocops) do pistol reload animations. Somebody check out any modifications to that in the update!

No I haven’t installed anything new to addons or whatever. It’s happened 3 times so far in consistent ways, so fix it.

The game appears to be crashing for a shit-ton of people.

Doesn’t crash on me a lot, but I still get crashes.

I never crash because I don’t have more than 6 addons.

I sometimes crash during battles with NPCs. I’m more concerned about the broken SWEP holdtypes than this.

Even after this latest May 6th update it’s still crashing when NPCs use weapons, specifically when doing the pistol reload animations. And viewmodel reloads aren’t happening when the player runs out of ammo, only when they press R.

Garry fucked up. Its broken RP game modes to.

What did he add anyways? If it was a ton load of nobody cares about this shit then he just really fucked up. (Like the new playermodel icons)

It reduced my loading times by 70%. Keep crashing though.