Game Crashes in Multiplayer upon opening Console

So, my game crashes whenever I enter Console, however, it only happens while I am in Multiplayer.

I cannot give you any screenshots but I can describe what happens briefly. I hit “~,” and the screen will freeze and sound will stutter for a few seconds, then the game will crash.

Here is the Crash file if you are interested.

Any help would be great!

Bumping for help. I still have this issue.

i got u, try in the command line u need to type in

-dxlevel 81
-dxlevel 9

I forget which 1 XD

  1. Goto library
  2. right click gmod, properties
  3. set launch options
  4. type -dxlevel 81/9 depending on which 1 is good lol(try 81 first)

Doesn’t work. Same bug for both 81 and 9.

It’s 95, not 9.

Ok, I’ll try it again. Also, I have no addons installed except the CSS stuff.

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I can open it on the Start Menu. And, it works in Multiplayer. However, I will try to add a good amount of addons as well to see if that could cause it to fuckup again.