Game crashes on launch

So i’ve been playing experimental since it first was avalible to play.
Thing is, when I try to launch the game this morning, it insta-crashes after I hit “play” on the launcher.

anyone else having similar problems - knowing how to fix it?

I got same problems, didnt find a way yet to fix it.

you could rollback to Rust, which i know works, but that would exclude the server I play on. Though I’m going to post this in the bugs thread, I just realized I posted in wrong forum

Are you opting into the ‘Experimental - The latest updates’ branch/beta? I read last night that some players who are experience this also. If so, changing your Betas to ‘None’ should temporarily fix the issue (but you won’t be able to play on servers which opt into that branch also).

I play the latest updates - yes. And what you describe seem to be my problem. Though I cant acces my server from the none beta version.

Yeah - that’s the downside of it. I’m sure the issue will be fixed.

Try restarting Steam.


Anyone solved the issue? Or any info about the fix?

Opt out of beta seem to be the only fix for now.

It’s not a fix. You’re just swapping versions of Rust.

Opt out of beta seem to be the only swapping versions of Rust that will temporary solve your problem - untill a fix is made.


If you thought I meant something different,then you’re the idiot.

I know exactly what you thought.
You can’t always get the answer you want.

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Latest update seem to solve the problem.
Im online now.

Hope this helps: