Game crashes on some servers when finished downloading all of its files.

For some reason, this keeps happening with some servers. The servers that it crashes on have a lot of files to download. I’ve tried on 2 computers, but they crash on the same servers. They run Mac OS X 10.7.5 and Windows 7. Sorry if this is not enough information, but could you please help? :v:

Go to your GMod root folder, are there any .mdmp files there?

You mean garrysmod/garrysmod? Well, i’m there, and there dosen’t seem to be any .mdmp files there, but the folder is for some reason renamed to garrysmod_old.

No. Go to /steamapps/common/garrysmod

Oh. Yes. Sorry. There is a mdmp file.

Upload it to and send me the link


Can anyone help? Anyone? :v:

I was going to have a look at it, I can’t seem to open it with any Text Editor. How should I open it?

Could you send the link you get from “share without download” instead?


How much addons do you have installed?

I think maybe 7-10?

How should I open mdmp files?

You don’t need to. Just click on the link.

Ok, I have taken a look. There is mainly just a bunch of gibberish in here anyway, but I know that servers aren’t the only things that are having this problem, many clients are as well. I am able to start my game and wait for the addons to download, but then they are installing, the game completely crashed. Restarting it will usually fix it, but it sounds like you have tried restarting plenty of times.

Oh, okay. Thanks.

Sorry, been busy with IRL shit. Try now since Garry updated an issue Mac players had. All I could find was all those crazy physics that physical bullets addon had. Try disabling that and see how that goes.

I can’t go on my Mac right now, but thanks! :smile: It’s working now.