Game crashes when I compile my map.

Whenever I compile and than launch the map it seems to crash my game. I understand I have missing textures but this has not made me crash previously. I used BSPsource to convert the orginal map (downtown_v4c_v2) into a VMF format so I can use it on hammer and it did not work well. Any help?
Heres the compile log:

You have a leak

**** leaked ****
Entity infodecal (348.00 -1660.24 -86.70) leaked!

Load pointfile to find where it is.

I do not see the leak, there is nothing there to seal

If the compiler says you have a leak, then you do have a leak.

Find some tutorials on how to fix this .

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A “leak” can happen if your map is sealed but any dynamic entity has its origin placed in the void.

If the entity in question is a func_detail and is next to the void that will cause a leak also the entity mentioned could just be the closest entity to the leak once you have loaded your pointfile follow the red line if it goes into the ground make sure the ground is not a displacement that can cause a leak too :slight_smile:

Ayy, I might be a bit late, but here’s an article that covers everything a bit more thoroughly: The line passes though solid geometry and all of it is solid/not transulcent and It isn’t a displacement either