Game crashes when I touch the floor of my new map

Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve made maps for L4D previously, and they worked fine. Sure, there were some little hiccups, but that’s to be expected on your first couple of maps.

Now, I’ve decided I want to make maps for Garry’s Mod.

I’ve set hammer up to work with Gmod, and as far as I can tell, it works fine. The “run map” item compiles it and launches it in gmod, so I guess that’s fine.

My problem is this: I spawn inside the floor, so I use noclip to get out. This is fine, I know how to fix this. Thing is, as soon as a touch the floor of my map, Gmod freezes for a second then crashes, saying something about “the memory could not be read”.

What does this mean, and how can I fix it?

Is the floor a displacement?

Use an info_player_start entity to prevent you from spawning in the floor.

Is the floor a displacement?


Fucking Ninja’d.

The floor is lava, do not touch it.

If your using a custom gmod game config, don’t. The ones I know of are broken, just compile with ep2/ep1 and move it over to gmod maps folder.

1.) No, the floor is a normal brush
2.) I’ve used one, but I think I’m spawning in the floor because I haven’t made all them walkable node things yet
3.) I don’t have ep2/ep1, I only have TF2 and Garry’s Mod, that’s it. Garry’s Mod can definately load TF2 maps, right?

no required walk nodes for any game besides l4d i thought
just try to compile with a different game then just load it in the gmod doesnt matter what game just as long as its in orange box i guess

Maybe… I would quite like to test it within Gmod though :confused:

Seeing as that’s my target game :wink:

Also, when I made that custom Gmod Hammer configuration, I accidently overwrote the default TF2 one. How can I reset this? Will I just have to re-install source SDK?

Compile with TF2 and just copy your map to Garrrysmod. :confused:

Ok, I’ll try that…

What part of my config could be causing it to compile incorrectly?

First try with a normal config, if it works with that, you can start fixing your own config.

You mean just launching the map with TF2?

Ok, as I said before, I’ll try that :wink:

I haven’t done it yet because I’m reinstalling Source SDK (I overwrote the old TF2 config accidently -_-)

All you needed to do was hit reset game configurations on the main sdk menu, not reinstall.


I can’t say I saw that button >_<

I’ll bear that in mind in future


It launches and runs fine in Team Fortress 2.