Game crashes, when there is shooting.

Thing is, I can shoot myself with all weapons and there is no lag, or little pause but when I place down a Metro cop for instance and say, there enemy and they start shooting at eachother it freezes and repeats sounds then it crashes, it says then: Half-Life 2 has stopped working.
Anyone got a solution to my problem.

I used to have an account on this forum, I think it was Dr. Kleiner and I posted a thread similar to this but I cannot login to my account and I tried the search tool to find my old threads but they could not be found.
Sorry for the two accounts on one ip.

you wont get any help here i have had this problem and have posted 3 threads on it. I got no solution for it i hope you do. IF you do please give me the details.

they helped me on my old account, what a load of bollocks.