Game Crashes!!

I’ve been playing rust for quite a while now without any issues so far. After the update on 5/5/16 the game started crashing giving me the same error as most of them in the forums. I usually verify my files once where it says that 1 file was failed to verify and will be acquired, after another verification it gives me Successfully validated. I could play the game for like 2 hours or sometime more and it starts crashing, sometimes it also crashes from 5 minutes to 5 minutes. I would like to know a fix for this because crashing in important moments in the game is getting on my nerves.

I’ve got a lot of error reports in my game folder, I will post the very recent with the logs below. < this my latest error log according to 5/9/16 < this my output log according to 5/9/16

It would be nice to have a fix for this fast since I would not like to leave this game. I’ve also not tried uninstalling or doing any fixes since most posts say that they wont work.

Thanks in Advance for your help and assistance