Game crashing at the spawn of some entities

In my map here specific entities cause the game to crash with a memory error. I am here to request one or a couple of people download the map, test it, and look for any problems it may have, or just generally give feedback.

Props such as props/lab/blastdoor001c.mdl and the Stargate iris have caused this. I’ve checked myself and haven’t seen any problems, but I felt that someone more experienced than me may find someone with could cause this problem.

Thank you for all who help, and all who spend time reading.

What .fgds do you have mounted?

Just the standard HL2 one, as far as I know. I used a tutorial, and don’t really know how to set up such things. I shall check, but I’m fairly sure I only have HL2 or Garry’s Mod mounted.

Looks like both HL2 and Base, since Base is included in HL2.

Fixed up shit.

You should read this;

Could you explain any cause of this to happen, and the most major things you fixed up?

I optimized your map.

All you needed to do.

It seems these crashes are caused by the newest versions of hammer.

Worked fine by me, I was using 2009 engine.

My friend and I created a map with only 4 walls, nodraw applied to the outside. Certain entities crashed it. Made on 2009 engine.


Could be the game? Does it work fine on single player?

This was in Single Player, Garry’s Mod.

Could be from an addon confliction.