Game crashing constantly for no apparent reason

Okay, I REALLY need help with this, especially since I’m in the middle of the making of a map. My Gmod game keeps crashing for no apparent reason. Sometimes, I manage to get on a server and it doesn’t crash but after 10 minutes it does, sometimes it crashes the moment I join a server. What’s also weird is that sometimes it just doesn’t crash at all. There is nothing specific that seems to cause it, it just seems to crash out of nowhere. I’ve tried many fixes, including:

Reinstalling Gmod
Updating GPU drivers
Defragging the files and hard drive as a whole
Cleaning up custom content
Resetting config files

I REALLY need help with this now. I have 141 dump files and counting from all the crashes to show just how long I’ve had to deal with this because nobody is helping me. I’ve had to deal with this problem for months, and even after updates it hasn’t been fixed.

Any help would be very well appreciated.

It’d actually help if you posted a dump file. Delete the older ones and upload the latest.

I doubt you’d find anything useful since I looked through it myself with Visual Studio Express but here you go anyways:

Interesting, it seems that there is a crash bug with MsgC with certain characters.

That crash was cased when a player named this:

Was printed to your console.

I’d love to have this guys profile so I can figure out what symbols cause this or something.

Heh, guess that there’s more in there than what Visual Studio shows. This seems to be the closest match:

Could it be possible that it has to do with my computer’s settings? It is a computer that runs the Japanese language version of Windows 8.1, and also has its locale set to Japan (if it matters). This happened on a server with a unique administration addon made by the server’s owner as well, perhaps it’s an issue with that?


Try going into singleplayer and entering this command into your console:

lua_run_cl local c = string.char MsgC(Color(35, 155, 255),"[12:23:31 PM] | ",Color(35,155,255,255),c(226)..c(153)..c(149).."Loper"..c(226)..c(153)..c(148))

If that doesn’t crash you, try this:

lua_run_cl local c = string.char MsgC(Color(35, 155, 255),"[12:23:31 PM] | ",Color(35,155,255,255),c(226)..c(153)..c(149).."Loper"..c(226)..c(153)..c(148).."]M"..c(32)..c(124)..c(32)..c(0))

Let me know if any of them crashes your game.

Yes, the first command crashed my game.

So yeah, it must be due to your system settings, and I don’t think I can do anything about it.

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Does this crash?

lua_run_cl local c = string.char MsgC(Color(35,155,255,255),c(226)..c(153)..c(149))

What about this?

lua_run_cl local c = string.char MsgC(Color(35,155,255,255),c(226)..c(153)..c(148))

It must be that the your system tries to display some other symbol or something.

Yeah, both of those crash the game. I set my system locale to English (United States) but it still happens.