Game Crashing, didn't see Rust Support section

So I’ve been playing Rust fine for the 46 hours I’ve logged, I love the game. After a good round last night, (Being raided and locking the raider in my room for over an hour) I shut off my computer and head to bed. About 17 hours later, I figure I’ll see whats going on. I try to launch the game, my computer screen goes black and Rust starts booting us. Then abruptly it returns to my desktop without a message or anything. I’ve tried many things: Verifying the game cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, opening as an admin and trying both full screen and windowed. Any ideas? Cheers.

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Bump, I’d really like to play. I found my crash folder, but Im not sure what is important and how to show you guys. Suggestions?

Restart your computer. Update steam. Update your video card drivers. Restart your machine. Log into steam, play rust. If the same problem occurs, post your machine info here, post your DX diag report. Try asking again.