Game Crashing Like Mad


Lately, my game has been crashing a lot, pretty annoying, I have more than 100 crash dumbs and I have no idea how to examine them

Here are my lap’s specs:

When it crashes it says something like “Out of memory!” And other stuff, but most of the time, both the game and steam crashes, and throws me to desktop

Tell me if I should provide more info, help me please, thanks

Upload your crash dump here and send us the link

Alright, those dumbs are the most common of all. dumb 1, dumb 2 and dumb 3

I believe dumb 1 is because of DX8, but the others I don’t know why

You are running out of RAM is why you are crashing. Since you are using an Intel integrated video card, it also uses your RAM as video memory AFAIK. So, either get more RAM or get a dedicated video card.

Welp, there goes Gmod for me, thanks for the answers everybody

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Just tried re-installing it, now everytime I join a server, the game crashes at sending client info, and it doesn’t give me a dumb file, is that a step forward or backwards?

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Yup game crashes everytime I join an online server, singleplayer works fine though, help?

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Closing this thread and making another since its a completely different problem, I guess