Game Crashing

My game keeps crashing when joining a server! Anyone known how to fix it? PLEASE HELP

Can you please post your system specs? CPU, RAM, video card. I have a Nividia GeForce GT 740m and I’m also windows 8.

Hmm. That’s possibly a bit underpowered for Rust, at least CPU-wise, but that’d only cause performance issues, not crashes.

What’s your Nvidia graphics driver version (xxx.xx)?

Also, make sure your 740m is set as the default graphics adapter; sometimes Unity (the engine Rust uses) really likes to grab onto the integrated graphics card, and that could be causing the problem.

Do you get a message saying that the game crashed and that a log folder has been created? If so, please share the error.log and output log, that’ll allow the cause of the crash to be diagnosed a lot faster than random guessing and poking at your computer.

No help fpr my problem? :<

I only updated my driver the other day and there’s no updates for it. No message comes up for me and it’s only happening since the new update.

Start with this?

I7 2600k @3,4ghz
Nvidia Asus Gtx 670 dc2t
12gb ram @ 1666mhz
game runs on an ssd and i use windows 7 64bit